Community RO Plants

Due to rapid increase in population of big cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and all other cities, town planning is insufficient and it results the lake of daily use water and services likewise. Now it’s a known fact that the cause of 3rd world war is nothing but ‘’To capture the resources of Water’’ and it is clearly evident in case of Pakistan and India, specially the conflict of Kashmir which affects directly almost every citizen of both countries. Talking about shortage of water in Karachi only, there are hundreds of projects where there is no water supply line, builders have constructed the projects but they are totally helpless to provide the basic necessity ‘’WATER’’ and the residents are bound to buy tanker’s water regularly which in costly as well as filthy, about Rupee 1.50 to 1.20 per gallon which these people are bound to pay. And this is not the matter with small projects but the residential colonies constructed by Navy or Army are also the victims of this problem, and even the retired brigadiers or colonels are also being the residents of these societies and having very powerful contacts are helpless to solve this basic problem of water. Because of wealth they can and they are buying the tanker’s water….but at what price and what quality of water? @ 1.20 per gallon and filthy water…? They are forced to buy this water but they cannot drink it because everybody knows the quality of this water, and even if they will see the source of this tanker water, surely they will vomit and not use it even in their household, or bathing with this filthy water can cause many skin diseases. It is in case of these big societies and the situation is worse in small project’s residents, water supply lines and sewerage lines are mixed up at many places and which causes a hell and shows helplessness. But since the prices of RO plants are decreased gradually, people have started to understand that by installing RO plant not only drinking mineral water will be available but they will be using quality water for their household also, that’s why builders are using stand by RO plant slogan along with security, park, school, mosque, gym, and shopping area in their project’s booking advertising also. Even the government has also realized that providing clean water to citizens only from available resources in not possible and this problem can be solved by installing more and more RO plants and that’s why the governments are advertizing continuously about RO plants installing in Karachi and tharparkar. Although the problem remains but builders and governments have admitted that :

RO plant is the only solution to this water problem which can provide quality mineral water at a very low price
The importance of pure drinking water to life
It can save you from many diseases
How can this water glow and moisture your skin and body
How can it control your aging process

Those who have understood the importance of RO plants, are working on it

  • Governments are advertizing about their good governance
  • Builders are increasing importance of their projects
  • Businessmen are earning money by RO plants
  • Those who are doing nothing even they have installed domestic RO plants

But those who do not know about RO plant or the residents of old projects are still facing the worse problem even after paying a huge amount in account of maintenance or water supply and mostly the reason is that they are not united,

Installing RO plant requires a huge money at initial stage and usually all residents of a projects are not willing to pay the initial cost and in the result they also suffer those who were very much willing and the problem remains, So if they all take initiative once, and invest a few lacs rupees in the beginning, they can get rid of this problem forever and ever.


If you offer above kind of residential projects to provide you the place only and after installing RO plant you will sell them a quality mineral water at tanker’s price even, you can earn a very good money every month and also you will not be needing any bottles, branding or any other unnecessary expenses, just put product water supply pipe in underground tank and push the button, output meter will tell you every time, how much money you have to get from resident’s society.

Community R.O Plant