RO plant Pakistan assists its valued customers at every stage of establishing water station. Beginning from Acquisition of Place (shop) to Renovation of Water Station as per approved standards. Geological survey of Land for Bore Hole recommendations to final execution of Bore Hole. Source Water Chemical Analysis for TDS and TSS concentration to RO Plant Acquisition. Similarly, we assist our clients in acquisition of License from competent authority, logo & trade mark registration.

Legal Support

License Acquisition

Bottled drinking waters other than Natural Mineral Water which are filled into hermitically sealed containers of various compositions, forms and capacities that are safe and suitable for direct consumption is considered as Food.

Therefore, Licensing is essential to market the final product produced by an RO Plant. 

RO Plant Pakistan provides assistance in acquisition of LICENSE to market Mineral Water Produced by RO Plants.

The manufacturer is required to establish a Lab and food chemist to examine production samples for consistent quality. PSQCA inspect the production facility and collects samples for conformity of required standards and issues the License accordingly.

Other than PSQCA, Sindh Food Authority and Punjab Food Authority, regulators for healthcare and hygiene standards to be practiced at the production facility of Food Items, conducts inspections to ensure compliance according to given standards. 

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Bore Hole Services

Bore Holing (Boring) for Underground Water acquisition requires expertise and experience to bring desired results with minimum possible efforts. Experience has proven that landscapes which are near to Rivers, Lakes, Rain water streams, Nallas and other water reservoirs has high probability of sweet underground water as compared with those landscapes which are nearer to Sea.

RO Plant Pakistan assists its valued customers for Bore Hole Services which is essential to acquired underground water. Professional and experienced Vendors conduct preliminary survey of landscape and advice with recommendations for best results.

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Place (Shop) Acquisition Services

RO Plant Pakistan assists our precious customers in acquisition of shop/place to establish Water Station. 

The ideal place for Water Station possesses at least 12”X 20” (Length X Breadth) dimension. Also, the landscape must be far enough from Sea so that the Underground Water from Bore Hole may have least TDS & TSS.

No sewerage lines are installed around the ideal place of water station, to avoid any pre-contamination of underground water.

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Trade Mark & Logo Registration

A Trademark is a recognizable sign, design or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others.

In Pakistan, Trademarks Registry (TMR) is the federal government body that governs the rules and procedures for registering the trademarks for different firms and products. The body works under IPO and acts as a civil court, and the head-office for TMR is located in Karachi, with regional offices in major cities.

RO Plant Pakistan extends its support and assistance for its clients to acquire Trademark & Logo registration for their brand.

Either the client himself or through an attorney may apply Trademarks registration with a design & logo of the brand. The IPO then search for the Trademarks either already registered. In case no similar design & Logo is already registered, the IPO office accepts application for further execution and registration of Trademarks.

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RO Plant Pakistan through its Website & other Social Media platforms, execute marketing initiatives for the products of its clients to increase sales and to retain existing customers.

On successful installation of RO Plant, RO Plant Pakistan uploads videos with location of installation at its website and social media pages. The advantage of this marketing activity goes with our client that their customer may locate the nearest facility to their location and may contact for the supply of Mineral Water to their doorstep.

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